Welcome to the EVOLUTION of You!

Workshops and webinars are great, but sometimes we can use someone to help us more personally. For this we offer private sessions where you get help to more clearly reflect on your current situation and find your way more easily.

Truly Be You – session

Based on core coaching technics, and a special quality of unfiltered Beingness, your TBY-coach helps you reflect and find clarity about your current situation.

From that clarity you get help and guidance to move into deeper aspects of your own Being, which is where you will find all the empowerment and acceptance you need to move forward in your evolution and start living your life more fully from a truer and greater potential of who You truly are.

Session details:

First initial session 90 min

Regular session 60 min

Price: 77 Euro / hour

Håvard Gundersen

“Thank you for the soft and safe guiding trough my inner world of thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. Before we started the exploration I found myself disconnected within and to the world. I felt resistance to walk down this path, but safe all along with you by my side. I’m amazed how powerful this way of exploration is. I have become more understanding and friendly with myself. Now I find rest and deep connection within, and I have the “map” to use If I get out of track again. Thank you for holding space and guiding me back home.”

Håvard GundersenCEO bambusa